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In her current role Casandra provides personalized support to applicants and students by facilitating the application process and helping them discover a program that fits their interest and professional goals. She identifies their academic background and advises on the best pathway for the student to meet program admission requirements. She evaluates applicants’ previous education, including test scores, secondary school, university, college and foreign transcripts to determine eligibility. She also provides assistance on practical solutions to meet admission requirements. In the last 10 years she has worked in the Admissions Department as an Admission Advisor and Acting Manager of Admissions. She coaches those interested in pursuing a post-secondary education step-by-step not only with the application process, but also with credit transfer opportunities and professional accreditations inquiries.


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Casandra has developed a passion for helping newcomers and refugees in Canada. She attended multiple training sessions at the Immigration Working Centre as a volunteer guest speaker and she served as an inspiration to a diverse cohort of new Canadian participants at the beginning of their settlement in Canada. She has continuously advocated for new immigrants to pursue their education in order to advance with their careers, to build a successful and fulfilling life in their new country. Her true belief is that education is the most powerful investment in people’s future, and any barriers can be overcome if they have the appropriate support, learn about the post-secondary program offerings and work hard to reach their dreams.

Personal experience

Casandra emigrated to Canada looking for a better life for her family. In a few months after she arrived, she joined one of the largest colleges in Ontario, recognized for student satisfaction and graduate employment. She was motivated to succeed and she invested in her education, she learned from her mistakes and immersed herself in the Canadian culture. She used every opportunity to develop new skills to overcome barriers and achieve her goals. Her hardworking nature has helped her become a respected professional who now supports many students and applicants in reaching their academic aspirations.


Casandra knows there are always particular challenges in adapting, since the amount of information can be overwhelming and not always easy to understand. Casandra is determined to work with her clients to simplify the process of realizing their academic success by providing a clear and concise service.

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