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Are you an aspiring Canadian?


If you are an individual who is considering immigrating to Canada and need assistance developing an educational pathway, PRESTIGE Consulting is for you! We provide a complete educational consulting service for anyone who is in the process, or considering immigration to Canada. PRESTIGE ensures you land in Ontario with a concrete plan to success saving you time and money. We want to see your success in the new cultural, economic  and social environment!

Our service is provided in regards to four categories that are the most important factors to achieve a successful educational career. Our methodology will identify an area of interest and guide you to the application for a specific program. We are able to assist you no matter what your previous level of education is; whether it is high school, diploma, degree or any post-secondary levels. 

How our service is provided

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Career Planning and Goals 

Ontario is home to the largest economy in Canada. Casandra will provide guidance and help define careers that match with your interests, abilities, goals and current market demands. 

  • Identify a career path that is fit to your interest and passion

  • Identify your strengths and explore careers where you can use your top skills

  • Identify what credentials are required in order to work in your desired field


Choosing a Program

Ontario has 24 publicly funded colleges, each with a diverse set of programs. With our expertise in admission advising, we can identify a post-secondary education plan based on your career goal.

  • Explore program availability and opportunities for work experience 

  • Identify the required type of credential required: certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, graduate studies

  • Pinpoint fees and financial options such as scholarships and grants

Admission Requirement Study

Every college and program have distinct admission requirements, including language proficiency, previous education and official assessments of acquired certificates and degrees. We will outline all of the requirements and consult on the best strategy for admission to your desired program. 

  • Outline admission requirements for applicants with a high school diploma or other post secondary credentials

  • Provide options to meet program eligibility for mature applicants

  • Advise on English language proficiency and specific admission requirements courses, including overall grades that may be required to proceed into some programs


Practical Application Guidance

PRESTIGE will assist in the practical application process, including outlining the steps and documentation required to successfully and easily apply to your program of choice.

  • Promote application timeline for equal consideration for admission

  • Advise on document submission requirements at the time of your application

  • Advise on submitting specific applications for potential recognition of your previous education that relates to your program of choice

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